San Joaquin Valley Winegrowers Association

The San Joaquin Valley Winegrowers Association represents the interests of the Winegrowers and Wine of California’s largest viticultural region.  The SJVWA grew out of the foundation laid by Central California Winegrowers founded in 2002 – now the Association’s affiliated 501 (c) 3 industry charity.

The SJVWA exists to improve and promote the Valley industry through the mechanism of it’s most notable appellation:  California.  Membership is based upon growers of winegrapes in the San Joaquin Valley, wineries, and those associates who have a stake in the continued prosperity of California’s largest wine production area.

After 150 years of continuous development, the San Joaquin Valley, as the backbone of California’s long dominant wine industry has come together to finally introduce to the world where “California Wine” truly comes from.

With over 50% of California winegrape acreage and wine production, San Joaquin Valley Wines find themselves on dinner tables across the world – whether the consumer realizes it or not!

Our Association brings together growers from Stockton to Bakersfield interested in showing the world the quality of wine delivered from the family owned vineyards in the world’s most perfectly natural winegrape production area.


The San Joaquin Valley Winegrowers Association represents the viticultural heritage of the San Joaquin Valley by championing economic diversity, grower and vintner education and market promotion of California’s largest and most diverse viticultural region.

The Vision:

The San Joaquin Valley Winegrowers Association expects that growing grapes and making wine in our Valley is rewarded by global recognition for our region in terms of innovation, quality, exceptional value and fair economic returns for our industry and area community. SJVWA combines pertinent intra-industry education and research with progressive promotion giving the San Joaquin Valley a prosperous Wine Industry for generations to come.


For our Growers & Vintners

  • Build activities that focus on doing smart business in a changing and tumultuous climate in order to mitigate future regulation.
  • Support the creation and existence of more regional wines to help diversify our product range and create new markets.
  • Be the first line of defense to answer industry issues with our perspective.  Recognize the needs and realities of the San Joaquin Valley are different than any other region in the world

For our Valued Wine Consumers

  • Reintroduce the people of our Region to our Industry.  Placing signs along major thoroughfares throughout the Valley will reach consumers and teach them where California wine grapes come from.
  • Create and update public information (internet, tourism literature, media) on the San Joaquin Valley wine industry to show the Region in a positive light.
  • Strategically place San Joaquin Valley wines at media events across the nation to interest writers in telling our story to a larger audience.
  • Create and launch a marketing campaign for promotion of a San Joaquin Valley Appellation.


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