Grape Industry Forum, CLICK HERE

November 19th & 20th at Pardini’s 2257 W.Shaw Ave. in Fresno

  • November 19th– Dinner, Wine and Networking

  • November 20th — Forum


Fall Wine Cornucopia, CLICK HERE

October 24, 2015 at Friant and Fort Washington at 1pm

Eventbrite - Fall Wine Cornucopia 2015

Nominations For Board of Directors CLICK HERE

Solicitation For Nominations For Board of Directions

Research Roadshow 2015: For Presentations, CLICK HERE

June 11, 2015 at Fresno County EOC on Nielsen Avenue at 1pm

May Tailgates Set – For Agenda CLICK HERE!

Both meetings are 9-noon and include lunch

-May 20 at Running Luck Ranch in Sanger/Parlier

-May 21 at Silkwood Wines/Duarte Ranch in Modesto

April 29 Grower Meeting @ O’Neil Vintners in Parlier

Click below for the following talks – in case you missed them:

David Orth – Water  /  Sarge Green – Water  /

Jim Lapsley – Currency Evaluations  /  Georgi Gabrielyan  – Currency Values & Wine

Grower Information:  Barsamian & Moody Grower Law Update - CLICK HERE!

March 24, 26 & 26 Grower Tailgates

2015 Tailgate Agenda